How to Trick Him Into Thinking You Like Beer

Beer - Reductress

Every girl knows that the key to a guy’s heart is by letting him know that you’re just one of the guys. So let him watch you enjoy one of his favorite guy treats – beer – even if it is super carby and kind of pukey sometimes and you’d rather just have a Prosecco:


1. Learn Some Beer Words

Memorize the following beer words and then use them when talking about a beer you had a long time ago. (Hint: the beer you had a long time ago does not need to exist.) Words like “hoppy,” “malty,” “chocolaty,” “ale-y,” and “beery” are good starters. Just try not to vom!


2. Wear a Corona Bikini

Corona is a beer from Mexico, a very sexy place that people go for vacation. Wearing a bikini with the Corona beer logo on it will convince him that you like beer because you’re putting that logo on your adorable body and a bucket of Coronas will definitely not make you vom.


3. Buy One Beer, Gradually Pour it Out

The trickiest moment is when you’re out at a bar and your man wants to buy you a beer. Let him! Then go to the bathroom immediately and pour a little bit out every time you return. Get a shot from the bar on your way back to him. Emptying the cup gets easier as you get drunker ’cause you can just act sloppy and slosh it out of the cup while you sing along to the cover band.


4. Act Sick

When you can’t even handle the thought of holding a beer, tell him you’re hung over from too much beer. When he asks why you’re drinking a glass of wine, just say it’s PMS. He has no clue how a women’s body works or why the wine might affect you differently. Just be clear that you have no bodily control over your current distaste for beer.



5. Say “I Love Beer”

Be direct and repetitive. Even if he sees you holding beers everywhere you go, this is the only way that he’ll really get the message that you’re not one of those prissy chicks that can’t get down with the boys. Blatantly inserting the phrase, “I like beer” into any conversation, whether or not beer is the topic, is a foolproof way to trick him into thinking you like beer.


Guys think beer-loving girls are super hot party chicks, so never reveal your preference for more sophisticated beverages. Cheer for beer!