How to Trick Him into Thinking ‘27 Dresses’ is the Latest Bourne Movie

It’s hard to get your guy to watch a movie you like when he only wants to watch decades-old movie franchises where people shoot at each other a lot. Still, there’s a chance you can find some common ground if you just present the movies you’re into in the right light. Here’s how to trick him into thinking that the 2008 rom-com, 27 Dresses, is actually a yet unreleased sequel in the Bourne film series.


Hide His Phone

He’s going to want to Google all the rumors about the newest in one of his favorite action spy thriller series and he will know you’re lying when he finds nothing online, because as he’s told you, these movies are highly regarded.


Learn HTML or Photoshop to Make a Fake Article from the Website Ain’t It Cool News, the Film Rumor Website

Text him a screenshot of this a fake article so that he can’t try to click to the real URL. In your fake article, set up the story that a new Bourne movie has somehow been leaked online, even before rumors of its production were known. Explain that the movie was being kept under very tight wraps so that even the biggest Jason Bourne fans aren’t hearing about it until now. Also in the article, setup the fact that the latest Bourne film stars Katherine Heigl as a woman who’s been a bridesmaid for 27 weddings and that oddly, Jason Bourne’s character doesn’t enter the film until much later in the movie. Have the film critic writing this article emphasize that despite the odd comedic setup of this sequel, the payoff in the end is incredibly satisfying.


Find 27 Dresses on iTunes or Amazon and Make the Movie Full Screen Before He Enters the Room

If he sees you’re watching this on iTunes or another streaming service it’s game over. None of these platforms would be streaming this “unreleased” movie, a fact that your boyfriend will be very aware of.


Queue the Movie Up to a Point After the Credits

You do not want your guy to see the opening credits of the movie that clearly announce the movie Title. Not only is the light melodic music very out of character for the intensity of the Bourne series, but it literally says the words “27 Dresses” on it, so he’s gonna eventually figure this out.


Keep Emphasizing that Katherine Heigl is Just a Love Interest

If your boyfriend starts to question why Heigl’s character is getting so much screen time, just keep explaining that she’s a woman that Jason Bourne is going to fuck soon and there’s more to her than meets the eye. Theorize that her fixation on helping women with their wedding planning is a cover that allows her to infiltrate the highest levels of government and that she’s only pretending to fall for the reporter Kevin in order to create disinformation in the media.



Whatever you do, do not admit that the movie you’re watching is actually a light romantic comedy rather than a continuation of a successful spy thriller series. By the time your guy realizes what you’re actually watching it will be too late, and he will be like the memory loss suffering Jason Bourne, trying to put together the pieces of what he’s experienced.