How to Tell if Your Lady Crush is Into You or Just Trying to Sample Your Lipstick

Flirting can be a nightmare! So if you’re caught in a moment with a girlfriend and wondering, “Does this woman want to kiss me, or does she just want to sample the lipstick on my mouth?” You could go either way, but here’s exactly how to know the difference!


Is she looking at your mouth?

Before anything else, determine if your lady crush is looking at your mouth. If she’s not, she neither wants to kiss you nor sample your lipstick – bummer! If she is, that’s generally a sign of attraction, although it could also be a sign of wanting to test your lip shade. Is it a really good one? Oh no, this is pretty confusing!



Does she ask questions about you?

If your lady crush has any interest in you, she might ask lots of questions about your life, even seemingly irrelevant ones about your lipstick, like “Does it last through a full day without having to reapply?” or “Can I test it out while it’s on your mouth?” This means she wants to get to know you. However, it could also mean she wants to buy the lip color you’re wearing and needs to know if you got it from Sephora, whether it feels more matte or gloss and also how much it cost. Wait, this may not be a surefire sign, either. Darn!


Is she holding her wrist up to your mouth?

If the woman you like is holding her wrist up to your mouth, that generally means she’s trying to see if your lipstick matches her skin tone, although it could also mean she wants you to kiss her wrist? Wow. Try going for the wrist kiss and see if she pulls away. That will tell you whether or not she was just trying to find her color match, or if you were wrong and failed badly at flirting. Unless she weirdly wants you to kiss her wrist so she can test out the color directly on her skin. It seems unlikely, but possible? Sorry, shit.


Does she compliment you on your lipstick?

If your lady crush compliments your lipstick, that definitely means she likes your lipstick, but does it mean she likes you? Honestly, we’re not exactly sure! If she seems to be complimenting your lipstick in a flirty way, that may be flirting! If she says something like, “I like your lipstick. Where did you get it?” that may also be flirting. But then again, it could also just be a straightforward question. You may have to ask her directly to get to the bottom of this, sorry!!


Is she kissing you, or swiping the lipstick off your mouth with her finger?

If she’s kissing you – cool! That means she’s into you with her mouth. However, if she just swiped the lipstick off your mouth with her finger, that’s a sure sign that all she wanted this whole time was to sample your lip color. Whoops. That sucks, but at least you know your lipstick rocks!


If you’re confused about whether your lady crush is into you or just trying to sample your lipstick, follow this guide to determine nothing for sure, unless she makes a move first that tells you everything!