Uncomplicated Shows to Watch on Netflix While You Go Balls Deep on Ben’s Instagram

With so many shows to cycle through on Netflix right now it’s hard to find the best one to settle into at night so that you can immediately open your Instagram and get so far into your ex Ben’s feed that you’ll know his best friend’s mom’s name but can still kind of follow along with the show. We’ve compiled a list of shows to watch on Netflix that are uncomplicated enough to have on while you scroll so balls deep into Ben’s Instagram you won’t even care that you missed 70% of the plotlines.


The West Wing

If you watched it once when it first came out, revisiting The West Wing will make you nostalgic for a time when you thought politics could be the good guys. Also, now you can creep back into early 2016 on Ben’s Insta and look at pictures of him on the goat farm in Malibu. Then you can tune in and out of President Bartlet in the background making an empathetic speech as you click your way through Ben’s 2014 grammed pics from back before you’d even met him.


Chef’s Table France

Chef’s Table France is an offshoot of Chef’s Table, a show you used to watch with Ben. But it’s also just people talking about food so if you zone out for five minutes just staring at a picture of Ben’s cat and consider sliding back into his mentions, you won’t really miss anything.


The Killing

The Killing has a certain mysterious aesthetic to it that is intriguing. The gloomy nature of Seattle mixed in with a murder mystery with a suspenseful soundtrack that will keep you on your toes as you filter through Ben’s mom’s dog’s Instagram account. It’s also the perfect show to keep your attention for a few minutes until you go so deep into Ben’s account that you’re suddenly looking at his cousin’s pictures from college in 2013 when he didn’t even hang out with Ben and when you turn back to the show they still haven’t solved the mystery so you basically didn’t miss anything.


Master of None

The second season of this show will surely take you on a journey but that journey will lead you to Ben’s Instagram in 2011 when he first got into the app. He posted a few pics around that time, then a few more the following year and went dark late in 2012 then returned in 2013. That journey will also take you to his ex ex’s gram where you see him and Kayla traveling to Alaska together (I thought he hated cold weather?) and then her posting pictures of him eating flan, which is pretty similar to what Dev’s character is doing on the show anyways.




Cheers is the most uncomplicated show to put on tonight. Pour a glass of Malbec and then open Instagram immediately – even before that “where everybody knows your name” line plays. It won’t take long till you see what Ben’s been up to lately and also in 2014 as you kind of remember Sam and Diane’s relationship enough that you don’t really need to look up and watch the actual show.


These uncomplicated shows will keep you feeling culturally relevant while you actually focus on your deep dive into Ben’s gram account. Happy watching and even happier scrolling!