5 Crappy Netflix Shows to Watch Because The Main Guy Is Sort Of Hot

We all want hot dudes on our screens, but sometimes we have to settle for sort of hot dudes on the only streaming service full of slightly less-than-perfect content we can currently afford. So for those of us making it work on a budget, here are some Netflix shows that aren’t super great, but the main guy is sort of sexy so we can work with it. More like Netflix and wank, right??


Magic for Humans

No one really likes to watch magic, but this magician is weirdly sort of hot? So watch him do his weird routines with long discussions about the idea of magic, trying to focus on his face instead of the dumb things his hands are doing. This, in a way, is also magic!


The Kominsky Method

Of the main characters in this comedy, Vulture says they “…live in a world mostly populated by dumb, goofy stereotypes for whom they exhibit either dehumanizing objectivity or outright disdain.” Still, Michael Douglas looks pretty good for his age, so you might be able to get into it, in that sense!



This show is problematic – thin plotlines, and a somewhat sympathetic depiction of a stalker. Still, it has what you’re looking for – an actor who is sort of hot… in a creepy sort of way. You’ll be unsettled, but you’ll also be kind of horny. We’ll take it!


Anne With an E

This reimagining of the classic book, Anne of Green Gables, might be a bit over the top, but the boy who plays Gilbert is sort of cute, if you can get over the fact that he’s like… 12. Hot?



Marco Polo

This show about a westerner visiting 13th century China, is helmed by a character that Variety calls “thinly drawn and a bit charisma-challenged.” Still, the actor playing him is borderline fuckable in a low-rent Game of Thrones kind of way, and that’s something, if not everything??


There are some really good shows on Netflix! But if mildly attractive men are what you’re after, check out these crappy shows instead.