5 Fall TV Shows You’ll Watch On Netflix in the Spring

Netflix Changed Password

Fall is an exciting time full of transitions. Children go back to school, you break out the sweaters, and the fall television lineup begins! Here are all the fall hits you won’t be able to live without once they’re finally on Netflix where you can watch them on your own terms.



This suspenseful drama is the one with the girl who is mysteriously tattooed head to toe that you keep seeing advertisements for. Well, get ready to finally be engulfed in the drama of those tattoos having something to do with her figuring out her identity in a several months when you see it pop up on the Netflix banner. Blindspot will be the most riveting fall show of next spring!



Code Black

Finally, Marcia Gay Harden will receive the recognition she deserves! Code Black will be the perfect show for you to binge watch instead of enjoying the spring sun like you said you would all winter long. Because it will be spring by the time you watch the entire season in less than a day. Who has cable anymore? It’s about an emergency room.


Heroes: Reborn

This continuation of a show that already wore out its welcome the first time around is definitely not to be missed (after six months or so). Don’t be left out; make sure you catch all the twists and turns when it’s available on Netflix and people actually start paying attention to it.



Scream Queens

You’ve been waiting so long for a scary series featuring a bunch of mid-to-high level female celebrities screaming unconvincingly! Well, now it’s here and you’re not going to want to miss a second of it, except for all the seconds you’ll miss waiting for it to hit the smallest screen (your iPhone Netflix app, the only place you watch TV anymore).


Blood & Oil

Sexy, rich white people fighting to stay rich and sexy! You’ve got to see this one immediately—in the spring. You will become totally obsessed with the idea of binge watching it on your favorite app, Netflix. B&O one will definitely go to Hulu first, but Hulu has commercials which means they don’t respect you as a human being. Screw that! Netflix forever.


So get excited for these brand new shows to really fill out your Netflix queue about six months from now! For now, feel free to ignore the lower corners of all the billboards that say “9/8c”, because Netflix is on every second that you need it to be, which is all of them. Hooray!