8 Recipes That Take Longer Than Eating Your Coworker’s Lean Cuisine

It’s lunchtime again, and you’re starving. You can open and close the fridge in the office’s communal kitchen over and over, but you know there’s nothing in there except your coworker’s Lean Cuisine. Well, fret no more! Here are eight delicious and nutritious recipes to prepare at home the night before that will definitely take longer than just eating your coworker’s Lean Cuisine right now.


Slow-Cooked Chicken

Slow-cooking a chicken is a practical and healthy way to cook enough food for the entire week, but at nine hours it takes way longer than just popping your coworker’s Lean Cuisine in the office microwave. Yum!


Tuna Salad Sandwich

A classic and simple sandwich, this recipe takes only five minutes to prep! That’s a whopping two minutes longer than microwaving your coworker’s Lean Cuisine.


Tossed Salad

The best part about salads? Picking your own ingredients! Kale base or spinach base? Feta or mozzarella? Shredded carrots or shredded almonds? By the time you’re done choosing, you could have already microwaved and eaten whatever Lean Cuisine you found in the freezer at work.



Chicken Parmesan

Homemade chicken parmesan is one of the most delicious foods that takes longer than eating your coworker’s Lean Cuisine. Which, coincidentally, is a Chicken Parmesan Lean Cuisine!


Arugula and Pear Flatbread

This sweet and savory recipe is a great option if you have forty minutes to spare cooking food at home when you know there will be a perfectly good Lean Cuisine in the office freezer with your name on it. (Well, actually, it has Janet’s name on it, but she’s working from home today.)


Veggie Pizza Bagel

After the 25 minutes it takes you to prepare a veggie pizza bagel, you’ll be thinking about how you could have microwaved between three and six Lean Cuisines in that time depending on the Lean Cuisine.



Spaghetti Carbonara

Not only is spaghetti carbonara delicious, it’s also a food that isn’t a pre-cooked microwaveable meal that one of your coworkers left in the office freezer without labeling it with a name and date, thereby surrendering ownership to whomever finds it first.


Your Own Lean Cuisine

Sometimes we just need a simple meal we can eat without having to prepare anything the day before, which is why Lean Cuisines are the perfect lunch for any busy gal! But they do require you to go to the grocery store, put them in the freezer, and bring them with you to work, which we can all agree is way harder than just eating someone else’s Lean Cuisine.