Twinkly String Lights That Say, ‘I Don’t Cry That Much’

Your indoor use of outdoor light fixtures lets others know that you’re a free spirit with kooky taste in ambient party lighting. But if you’re not careful, it can also signal that you’re a little bit unstable and could burst into tears at any moment. So choose that string of lights wisely! These are our top picks of super cute twinkly string lights that definitely won’t allude to your immense sadness!


Paper Lantern String Lights

Nothing says “backyard party” like paper lanterns; they’re a fun and simple way to jazz up your summer party decor. They’re also a telltale sign that you are totally good and cry a completely normal amount! Go for multi-colored lanterns for a look that says, “I am not still obsessing over that breakup from eight months ago, let me tell you!”


Rainbow Christmas String Lights

How festive! Christmas lights aren’t just for the holidays anymore. Use the flashy colors to distract your guests from the sound of your muffled sobs coming from the bathroom! That little bit of anachronistic holiday spirit will assure everyone that, even though you were dumped by your therapist, you are totally fine and not at all sad. Seriously!



Solar-Powered String Lights

Indulge your eco-friendly side with these twinkly string lights powered by the sun! Your party guests will love them so much, they’ll forget all about the time they caught you shit talking your own reflection in the mirror.


Copper Wire String Lights

These lights are bohemian, chic, and will make you seem extra laid-back. Hang them up in front of a colorful tapestry for a modern boho look. Your friends can relax among the beautiful fairy lights while you have a quick timeout under your covers and regret major life choices you’ve made.



String Lights In Fun Shapes

Here’s your chance to get creative. Pick the type of light that fits your personality. Whether they be little stars, hearts, or birds is up to you! This shows your guests that you give a shit about something. You actually got out of bed and picked out lights! Good for you! You are the opposite of bummed.


Next time you shop for outdoor lighting for your apartment, don’t forget to consider what they say about your mental state. And fix your mascara before you get the door—you look crazy.