Quiz: Which Fyre Festival Doc Are You?

If you have a pulse and a subscription to at least two movie streaming services, there’s a good chance you spent the last weekend watching the Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. And if you’re anything like us, you spent most of that time wondering: which chronicle of a grifting, millennial con artist do I most closely identify with? Well, you’re in luck! We made this quiz to answer once and for all: which Fyre Festival doc are you? Are you the studious, well-researched Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, or are you the fun, carefree Hulu’s Fyre Fraud? Answer the questions below to find out!


You’re thinking about throwing a party. Do you…

A) Carefully plan for months. Everything has to be perfect!

B) Throw a surprise bash three days before your friend was supposed to throw her party!


Your friends would likely describe you as…

A) The serious one.

B) The funny one! You like to quote Family Guy!


If you were a book, would you be…

A) A nitty-gritty, detail-oriented, heavily-researched procedural.

B) A broad, open-ended examination of the current cultural landscape. Like, what does it even mean to be a millennial?


You have a huge exam coming up in school. Do you…

A) Study, study, study! No one will take you seriously if you don’t know your stuff!

B) Speed through the exam and finish it in the first five minutes of class. Everyone will be so impressed that you got done first, they won’t care what you wrote!



There’s a nasty rumor going around about you. Is it about…

A) The fact that some of your friends are also friends with a grifting, millennial con artist and helped him scam a lot of people?

B) You actually paid the grifting, millennial con artist a ton of money and gave him a huge platform to defend himself?



Mostly A’s – Congrats, you’re the Netflix Fyre Festival doc! You are well-researched, informative, and strike a decidedly somber tone! You may have some problematic ties to the Fyre Fest team, but you didn’t deserve what Hulu did to you!

Mostly B’s – Look at you, you’re Hulu’s Fyre Festival doc! You’re irreverent, carefree, and surprisingly funny! Sure, you gave a platform and a huge paycheck to a sociopath, but at least you garnered a lot of publicity by rushing out a finished product ahead of your competitor! Good for you!