Quiz: Are You Really Listening, or Are You Imagining Yourself as a Character on Riverdale?

Truly listening to people when they’re talking to you is super important, especially if you want to be seen as a considerate, attentive friend. But in many ways, it’s also equally as important to fantasize about being CW darling Cheryl Blossom rocking a gorgeous red lip and on sipping a shake at Pop’s. And how are you supposed to tell the difference? No worries, take this quiz to determine whether you are truly listening to someone, or simply imagining yourself as a character on the CW teen drama Riverdale.


Are you hearing the words being said to you?

  1. Yes, my friend is talking to me about how she wants to change careers. I can hear her, and I am understanding and empathetic to what she is saying.
  2. I think I hear something, but it’s distant and I’m mainly thinking about what I’d look like with a bold lip and a dark twisted secret I won’t reveal until the last moment possible.


Does your friend look annoyed?

  1. No, she looks grateful because I am listening to her and she really needed my friendship right now.
  2. Yes, but I don’t care because I am picturing myself as a hot cold-hearted bitch who is also a cheerleader and potentially a murderer too.


Why are you smiling?

  1. Because my friend just told me how much she loves and appreciates me and I feel really proud to be such an attentive friend.
  2. Because nobody knows this, but I am visualizing how freaking badass I would look rolling up slow motion to Archie’s locker wearing a Serpents jacket. I am meant to be a scary, hot teen on a spooky sexy TV show!



Why did your friend get up?

  1. She wanted to go grab a tissue. She definitely needed this intimate moment and emotional release.
  2. She left because I was looking out a frosty glass window longingly. Yearning for a simpler life, one where I attend high school yet am done with puberty. After she left I whispering to no one, “I’m in the mood for chaos.”




Mostly As: Congrats! You are a terrific friend. You are empathetic and an incredible listener, and people love you for that.


Mostly Bs: Damn, you are a shitty friend, mainly because you spend all day dreaming about being on the sexed-up less interesting Twin Peaks, created for teens who want to escape their sad reality of hormonal acne and loneliness. Who needs friends when you can pretend to be a mean bitch who says things like “Wanna team up for a little destruction?” Bye, friends! Hello, delusion!