Important Films To Consider Before Just Rewatching ‘The Office’

There is so much impactful content out there that speak to human resilience. We’re living in a golden age where you can access the greatest films of all time with the click of a button, even though it is somehow much easier to simply open Netflix and continue watching the mockumentary-style TV show from 2005 that is very funny and pretty good to fall asleep to. Regardless, here are four culturally significant films to consider watching before re-re-re-rewatching The Office.


Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di bicyclette)

In this 1948 Italian film, Antonio, a poor father whose family is desperate to make ends meet in a post-World War II Rome, finally gets a job. Soon after, his bike is stolen and he must frantically search the streets with his son to retrieve it. You should really get to watching this heartwarming story of resilience in the face of despair, even though that episode where Michael burns his foot in a George Foreman Grill is equally inspiring, in a way. You have seen it 19 times, but that’s sadly not stopping you!

The Cove

This documentary film from 2009 calls viewers to protest dolphin mass hunting practices in Japan. Not only is the killing of the animals absolutely horrific and unethical, the film reveals that consumption of dolphin meat is extremely dangerous due to high levels of mercury. It will make you cry, but not as much as the episode where Jim and Pam finally kiss after seasons of dreaming of the moment they realize they love each other. You’ve seen it six times, but why not one more time and then again next week and the week after!


Get Out

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut horror film is an absolutely brilliant story about a young black man who visits the family of his white girlfriend. This film speaks to racism and violence against black people in our country, is an absolute must-watch. Weird that you feel it’s actually more important to watch the episode where Jan and Michael throw an uncomfortable dinner party for Jim, Pam and Dwight. That episode will teach you nothing about nothing, so sign you up!


Pan’s Labyrinth

If you love fantasy with a dark twist, settle down with popcorn and prepare to be amazed by Guillermo del Toro’s monstrous but beautiful world painting. You know what else in monstrous but beautiful? Season eight of The Office which you admittedly hate because Steve Carell isn’t there and it’s actually not fun to watch Jim and Pam have marital problems. But look at you, you’re still going to watch it! Yep! There you go.



Check out one of these culturally significant films for about three minutes before abandoning it to watch the show you have basically memorized at this point. And if someone tells you to check out Parks & Rec, you can let them know that it’s not the same, but you have watched all those episodes at least four times each as well!