Amazing! All Five of These Women Refuse to Admit They Have Fully Shaved Puss

In a feat of deception never before seen, Lynn Hartman and her four best friends have refused to admit that each on of them has a fully shaved vagina.


We’re amazed by how many of them are unknowingly keeping the same secret from each other!


All five women stayed completely mum about their totally hairless crotches, even when the subject explicitly came up recently during brunch.


“Of course I don’t shave ALL the way,” said Lynn, who get gets her whole puss, plus her butt, fully waxed every three weeks. “Going completely bald down there is so 2003. Right?”


“We’re modern women,” added Jess Trinsley, another friend who painstakingly shaves her entire puss every day – even during her period. “So none of us go completely hairless. Well, I definitely don’t, at least.”


Curious, we asked the ladies for some insight as to why someone might feel pressured into lying about having pubic hair.


“I think that some women might feel a little sheepish to admit that they have no pubes at all in 2018,” said Kim Lu. “That obviously doesn’t apply to me, because I totally definitely have tons of pubes. But that may be the reason why.”


“Yeah, I agree,” added Dana Waxler. “Plus, being completely shaven just looks very prepubescent, and that’s weird. So even though it’s a personal choice, one that I have certainly, absolutely decided NOT to make, I could see why some ladies would be adverse to admitting that they have bald pussies.”



Despite the fact that every woman in this posse has totally bare genitals, none of the five seem to show any signs that they will acknowledge that fact any time soon.


“We’re just five hirsute ladies, and we’re not going to apologize for that,” added Jen Higges, who had her pubes straight up laser removed years ago. “Not that it’d be an issue if any of us were totally shaved, but none of us are, for sure.”


If you say so, Jen!