Wow! This Woman Crushed a Car Door with Her Pelvic Floor to Save a Stranger

Slick road conditions caused Alyssa Byrne’s car to spin out of control and pin her against the steering wheel last Friday night. Luckily, bystander Paula Melke summoned an almost superhuman strength, using incredibly strong pelvic floor muscles to help lift the car.


“After the crash, I started to smell smoke,” Alyssa Byrne recollected. “Then out of nowhere I heard the sound of metal ripping, and when I looked up, I saw my car door in the clutches of a woman’s vagina. It took a minute to understand what I was looking at, but I was so happy to be free.”


“Was I 100% confident my pelvic floor could rip open a vehicle? No, but the adrenaline kicked in and I just went for it.”


When asked how she summoned the strength within her, Melke said, “I just thought, what if that was my daughter stuck in there? And then I pulled up my maxi dress and went to work.”



“I also didn’t realize how much those Kegels were paying off,” says Melke. “My main goal was to stop myself from peeing my pants a little every time I sneezed.”


“Oh, I also wanted to intensify my orgasms.”


Melke scoffs at being called a hero, she credits being in the right place at the right time.


“I guess I’m just grateful,” Byrne said. “I was a total stranger to her. Also I was relatively safe at the time and probably could have just gotten out the other side, but it was still really cool to watch the whole thing play out.”


Byrnes has taken a cue from her hero and has begun an intense Kegel regimen.