How To Turn That Handsome Stranger Into Your Boyfriend And Then Back Into A Stranger Again

You’re out at the bar with your girls, minding your own business when suddenly you notice a handsome guy that takes your breath away. You want to turn this chance meeting into a beautiful and intense relationship—and you definitely don’t want it to last more than three weeks. If the cycle of being single, meeting a handsome stranger, then pretending you never met gets your heart racing, here’s how to do it!


Look the part!

First impressions are everything, so step out looking fabulous! The handsome stranger will be so enchanted by your flawless makeup and killer fashion sense that he’ll simply have to fall in love. Then, after just a couple comfortable months together, your sweatpants and stained t-shirts of will make him think you’ve lost interest completely—which will be true! Things will fizzle out from there and you can probably leave town. Nailed it!


Make eye contact.

With just a little meaningful eye contact, you can totally make a handsome stranger feel like the only person in the room. Let the sparks fly! Then, whenever you’re ready to disappear from his life, withhold eye to make him feel invisible, neglected and unattractive. Soon, you’ll never see each other ever again. Neat!



Give lots of compliments.

A little ego stroking can go a long way. Tell the handsome stranger you like the way he shapes his sideburns and he’ll be putty in your hands! After spending several months getting to know each other, all the quirks you originally found endearing will become unbelievably irritating! Once you start resenting his basic traits and habits, the health of the relationship will be ancient history and you can respond to his texts with, “Who’s this?” Works like a charm!


Ignore red flags.

Don’t be bothered by signs of irreconcilable differences between you at first. If you want to turn a handsome stranger into your boyfriend, you’re going to have to focus mainly on his handsomeness and not the glaring discrepancies in your deeply held belief systems. The good news is that you can ignore those red flags after you’ve changed your name and phone number and look confused when he says “hi” to you on the train. Easy as pie!


Physical contact

Gently touch his forearm while you laugh, and let the chemistry take it from there! Soon, you’ll be in a monogamous relationship where you can leave without a trace while he is sleeping. Nice!


The only thing better than scoring a hottie’s number is deleting it several intimate conversations and many hurt feelings later. Go get ‘em, tiger!