The Best Dating Apps to Delete From Your Phone Again

Are you briefly ready to put yourself out there again? You’ve tried online dating in the past, and it didn’t work out, but who’s to say this isn’t the time that it’s finally going to work? Here are the five best dating apps to download and delete again after a few weeks of traumatizing swiping.



All of your friends seem to be having a great time going on OKCupid dates while you sit at home with your mom’s HBOGO password. Do they know a secret you don’t? After the first 16 emotionally scarring message exchanges that left you wondering if there are any good people in the world left, you’ll have a blast re-downloading the app and answering a bunch of fun questions about yourself. After another dozen conversations that begin with grammatical errors and blurry dicks, you can go ahead and delete OKC again once you remember why we shouldn’t talk to strangers.



Your friend who’s been in a five-year relationship recommended you get Tinder again so she can have fun swiping for you! And you’re totally down to go human window-shopping because it’s a ton of fun… for her! After you only match with the guys who are leaning on a car in their profile pic, you’ll be ready to delete that app from your phone again in no time. Hey, it was worth a try!




Bumble is doing great work by showing you the hottest people first so they really get you hooked. Since women start the conversations on this app, you’ll have fun coming up with convo-starters… for the one person who actually responds to you. Once the emotional exhaustion of asking men out proves to not be worth it, you’ll delete Bumble and long for the golden age when women filled out dance cards and got married at 16.


Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a cutesy reminder that there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and most of those fish are exactly like your ex-boyfriend. POF is the perfect app to remind you why you quit internet dating the last hundred times. Time to delete it all over again!



Are you ready for Thrinder? Originally intended to help couples find a third party for their sexual endeavors, Thrinder has quickly evolved into the home base for all things kinky. Here is a great app for exploring your sexuality—that is, until someone asks you what you’re “here for” and it’s suddenly wildly intimidating. Thrinder is ideal if you’re looking to give up before your free trial even runs out. C for effort!


About three weeks after you’re back in the game, you’ll remember why you retired from it the last time. As you start to wonder if anyone has successfully online dated before, delete every dating app from your phone in a mass elimination. But keep the profiles, because you never know when you’re gonna convince yourself to go through this torture all over again!