Amazing! This Woman Didn’t Let Her Relationship Stop Her From Being Charged by Inactive Dating Apps

The beginning of a new relationship is a joyous and exciting time, but one woman has managed to keep an important part of her freewheeling dating past perfectly intact. In spite of being charged up to $50 a month for things she doesn’t use, Jamie Ewing has refused to let her relationship interfere with her ability to be charged by the inactive dating apps she once loved.


“I had my own life before this relationship,” She said, “…and a big part of that life was being automatically charged on the first of each month by a variety of dating apps. I’m not sure I’m ready to let that go. Also, I don’t know how to go into my iPhone and unsubscribe from services.”


As one half of a monogamous partnership, Ewing is no longer actively cruising for dudes online. She will continue, however, to be passively billed each month by half a dozen dating apps. This vestige of her single life is the one thing that Dan has no control over.


Could Ewing’s apathy toward her mounting bills mean trouble in paradise?


“I hate to say it, but my apps are often more reliable than my boyfriend,” Ewing said, “With Dan, I have to be sensitive to his feelings and pay attention to his needs. Sometimes he won’t just tell me what the hell he wants. With my apps, things are different—better, even. There’s no guesswork. I always know what my inactive dating apps want from me: $9.99, every month, like clockwork.”


Ewing’s mother, Sharon, sees her daughter’s relationship differently. “I think Jamie and Dan’s relationship is just darling. But those bills coming in all the time from inactive dating apps have me worried. My daughter has so very many accounts.” Sharon said, wiping away tears. “How is she ever going to save for a home with Dan?”


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There’s also the question of what Dan would think if he knew the truth about Ewing’s languishing apps. “Dan can’t know how much money these apps are slowly siphoning out of my bank account,” Ewing said, defensively. “In fact, I’m certain he would break up with me…for ever having paid for dating services in the first place.”