What He’s Thinking The First Time He Sleeps With Your Personal Brand

You’ve been on a few dates, and it’s time to take it to the next level. But what is he thinking when he’s ready to sleep with your personal brand? Guys are more insecure than you think the first time in bed with your professional persona, so no need to worry. Dating can be a doozy, but it can be a double doozy when your level of attraction is solely based on your Klout score. Here are some surprising things we found out he’s really thinking the first time he beds your brand!


“Does Her Personality Match Her Profile?”

Despite popular myths, the body of your brand isn’t the only thing a man notices when you’re having sex for the first time. Many men will marvel at the ways your personality actually lines up with your profile, delighting in the natural way your laughs tumble out, much like the carefully executed “LOLs” on Twitter!


“Is Our Physical Connection as Strong as Her Internet Connection?”

As your eyes lock during the sex act even more intimately and intensely than your habitual use of caps lock, he’ll be curious if there’s a cohesiveness between your two platforms. Will you orgasm in all caps as well? These are the kind of things he wonders about.



“Is She a Freak in the Tweets And a Freak in the Sheets?”

Okay, so “lady” might be a generous moniker considering your Twitter avatar is a dog caked in drag make-up, but that’s beside the point. While you’re worrying about the compatibility of your online politics, he’ll be curious whether your sense of fun in bed matches your sense of pun on Reddit!


“Can I Picture Myself in Her Profile Picture?”

Even though it’s the first night you are hooking up, he’ll still be scouting for signs of long-term brand-merging. Do you advocate for similar lifestyles? Do your LinkedIn profiles display similar values? Are the two of you able to cuddle and be Tinder to each other already? The first time your brands have sex can be a time of Instagram connection, or something you want to block out!


“Does Her Self-Packaging Appreciate My Packaging?”

Female personal brands aren’t the only brands that get nervous about body image in bed! For this partnership to work, he’ll need to know that you’re both adding value to your brands. Just because you’re DTF, doesn’t mean it’ll be FTW! He’s likely wondering if you “Like” his performance, or if you just have negative comments. Make sure to give him feedback, so he knows for future sexual curating!


With this insight in mind, you’ll now know how your selfie translates to user satisfaction in the sack.