What to Do When His Dick Goes Down the Wrong Pipe

It can happen to anyone: You’re casually going down on your partner when suddenly, his dick goes down the wrong pipe. Don’t be embarrassed – anyone can choke on a dick when they’re busy making small talk or just not paying attention. Here’s what to do if you find yourself accidentally choking on his dick right in front of him:


Mouth, “I’m fine.”

The first and most embarrassing thing is that he (and anyone else in the room) will want to make sure you’re okay – and you are! That penis just went down the wrong pipe for a minute. Wave your hands and mouth, “I’m fine” in between the frantic coughing. It’s just a reflex, everyone! Don’t call 911!


Drink a glass of water.

Frantically coughing after a dick’s gone down the wrong tube is perfectly normal – grab a glass of water and try to calm your nervous system so that you’re back to your normal dick-handling comportment as soon as possible. Just make sure that doesn’t go down the wrong pipe, too! Then this will start to get embarrassing.



Take a moment in the bathroom to freshen up.

The dick went down your air tube instead of your food tube and now you kind of look like shit. It’s okay – everybody’s been there! Make sure to tell everyone that these are happy sex tears and not sad sex tears, and take a moment with yourself in the bathroom to splash some water on your face. Then you’ll be ready to get back into it and slurp some more dick – down the right pipe.


Get right back to the dick.

Once you’re feeling fresh and ready, get right back to it! That will not only show him that you’re okay, it will help you face your fears of fully choking and dying on a penis, which would be an embarrassing way to die. Wouldn’t it? Anyway, you’re not doing that – not today, at least!


So you’ve aspirated a dick – big deal! Don’t waste time feeling ashamed. The most important thing is to never lose confidence – once that happens, you might be choking on dicks all the time, and that could be dangerous to everyone involved. We believe in you!