5 Red Flags That Would Be More Fun If They Were Six Flags

Red Flag against Blue Sky

There are plenty of red flags to look out for when you’re getting to know someone – do they have compassion toward others? Do they listen? Are they self-aware enough to recognize their own faults? One thing that all of these red flags have in common is that they would be way more fun if they were Six Flags, specifically one in New Jersey that we’re just dying to go to right now!! Here are all the red flags that would be way more fun if they weren’t red flags:


They aren’t reliable.

A huge red flag is when someone says they’re going to do something and fail to do so on a consistent basis. This is a betrayal of trust and may signal much deeper issues down the road. You know what else is a signal and down the road? Six Flags, where I barfed on the wooden roller coaster once because it was so bumpy. At least that was to be expected!


Your close friends and family have a bad feeling about them.

Sure, not everyone is going to love who you bring into the fold all the time, but if more than one, or many people you love don’t seem too fond of this person, you may want hear them out, cause this can be a huge red flag that would be way more fun if they were just, you know, buying everyone tickets to go to the water park at Six Flags. That could be toxic too – but way more fun!



They’re hiding a dark past.

If they’re being evasive when you ask basic questions like “What is your family like?” or “Where did you grow up?” They may be hiding something. It could be something they don’t want you to know – whether it’s addictive behavior, abusive behavior, or fun behavior, like going to Six Flags. But why wouldn’t you tell someone about going to Six Flags? Seems fishy – this would all be better if you were just at Six Flags.


They don’t like Six Flags.

This would be better if it were Six Flags.


There you have it – we all know that nobody likes these red flags, and they can signal something bad in your relationship. And we can say without a doubt that they would be infinitely more fun if they were simply transformed into Six Flags somehow. Either way, you know what to do – when a red flag pops up, think about how much better it would be if it simply didn’t. Good luck!