5 Red Flags You’ll Ignore if He’s Over Six Feet Tall

If you’re in a new relationship, there are a ton of red flags to look out for. Although there are many warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, we’re willing to ignore some pretty obvious poor behavior that would normally have us packing if it came from a man who was at our eye level. Here are some of the most obvious red flags you’ll definitely overlook, as long as he’s six feet tall!


He Calls His Mom Every Day

You can best judge a man’s character by how he treats his mom so you definitely want a guy that treats her right. However what you don’t want is a man that calls his mom more often than he brushes his teeth. But if that mama’s boy is tall, who even cares?! He can call his mom twice a day, as long as you get to look up when you kiss him! Men are better when they’re taller!!


He Claims All His Exes Are “Crazy”

Most of us have a not-so-great ex out there, but if a dude says all his ex-girlfriends are crazy there is only one common denominator: him. He may be the Justin Bieber to your Selena Gomez, but does that really matter when he doesn’t need to stand on a chair to change your light bulbs? With all that light in your apartment now you’ll be able to see everything but his flaws! Judging men solely based on their height is definitely a positive thing to put out into the world!


He Prefers Reddit Over Twitter

Sure Twitter has its fair share of trolls, but Reddit, AKA the home to men’s rights activists everywhere is no place you want your man spending his time. You won’t know what dark forums are baiting his clicks, but that doesn’t really matter when you’re bating your breath to wear real heels to dinner! OMG can you imagine dating a man under six feet? Disgusting!!



He Sends You Unsolicited Dick Pics

Hard or flaccid, big or small, no one wants an unsolicited dick pic. This act is guaranteed to get his number permanently blocked, unless of course he can reach the top shelf for you because the only 8 inches you care about is the 8 inches between 6’1” and 5’5”. The point is, he’s tall, and that’s what we’re supposed to like! Right ladies? Yas!!


Just remember when that over-six-foot cutie is showing some questionable behavior that it’s definitely better he fall short than be short!