4 Super Steamy Sex Positions That Won’t Dislodge Your Fitted Sheet

Everyone loves a fun, carefree tumble in the sheets – but nobody likes putting the fitted sheet back onto the bed at three in the morning while naked. Next time you’re looking for a fun, organized romp in the sack, here are five super steamy sex positions that are wild enough to make it memorable but not so wild that you have to re-make the bed.


Living on the Edge

Have your partner scoot your backside to the edge of the bed, with your legs dangling off the side, while he stands facing you. Not only does this allow for some orgasmic deep penetration, it also gives you the opportunity to reach around behind your bedside table and shove the corner of that fitted sheet back where it belongs without missing a moan. You’ll be screaming, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” But only you will ever know that you were referring to that perfectly in-place fitted sheet.


Reverse Cowgirl

Yippie Ki-ya! This girl power position doesn’t just mean that your g-spot gets some much-needed action, it also means that if you see your fitted sheet straining at the corners, you can say, “Whoa there, buckaroo” and slow things down. This position also gives you a great vantage point of all four corners of your bed, because you know after the first corner goes, the one next to it will be soon to follow. Then the last two corners will pop off the mattress basically simultaneously after that, capturing both you and your lover in a sort of fitted sheet net.


Flying Eagle

This sexy play on classic missionary style has you lie flat on your back with your arms and legs spread as wide as possible in an attempt to keep each individual corner of your fitted sheet on all at once. If the sheet starts slipping, don’t hesitate to fake an orgasm so you absolutely don’t have to wrestle with your fitted sheet in your post-sex haze, while your man watches without helping and says, “That was fun.”




While you’re getting freaky, can you see the elastic on your fitted sheet edging closer and closer to the top of your mattress? Will all be lost in just a few more thrusts? Don’t panic. Whisper seductively into his ear that you’d like to try something a bit different–against your bedroom wall. Nothing is hotter than going vertical, your legs wrapped around his– plus you can look over his shoulder and keep an eye on your fitted sheet. Remember: You cannot fix a fitted sheet if someone is laying on it. So sometimes it’s best to just avoid any sheet contact whatsoever. Or honestly just skip sex and go right to sleep. It’s way easier.


Remember: sex is only fun when you can’t see the mattress pad. Bring these four tricks into the bedroom next time you want to go totally insane, but not so insane that there are chores afterward.