How To Tell If You’re Falling In Love or Just Grateful You Came So Hard

Falling in love is amazing, but it can be hard to understand where your feelings are coming from. It can be hard to distinguish between powerful feelings of love, or just being super appreciative that had such a huge orgasm that the words are just pouring out of you. Here’s how to tell if you’re falling in love or just super grateful you came so, so hard.


You Can’t Stop Staring

If you catch yourself staring at your man, it can be a sign that you’re falling for him. Making eye contact connects you two which can cause you to feel stronger romantic feelings toward him. That being said, you might be staring at him because you’re so thankful you had an earth-shattering orgasm last night and you’re still feeling tremors. You might be in love, but also, that could be the cum talking.


You Think About Them a Lot

When you’re into someone, it can feel like you spend all day thinking about them. You can attribute this to the neurochemical phenylethylamine which releases dopamine in your brain. That’s why you feel ecstasy whenever they text you. Or, it could be because you’re so grateful that they went down on you until you seriously, kind of violently, came. Truly incredible work!


You Want Them To Be Happy

If you find yourself going out of your way to make your partner’s life happier and easily, that is a telltale sign that you’re feeling real feelings of love. Maybe you’re making him breakfast because you love him, but maybe you’re actually making him breakfast because he really knew what he was doing down there and you jizzed so hard that you can’t think straight!


You’re Trying New Things Together

You love going on adventures together, and you just can’t get enough. Whether it’s walking around town or getting fingered for two hours, you fucking love it! You’re not necessarily in love, but your junk definitely is!



You Get Sweaty

Fuck love, you’re sweating because you came twice in two hours! WOO!


Here are a few ways to figure out if you’re actually falling for them. Honestly, if they’re that good, you should fall in love! Put a ring on those fingers, cause they know what they’re doing, baby!!