QUIZ: Is He Hot or is He Just Leaning Against a Wall?

man leaning wall

Whenever you spot a guy with an easygoing personal style that makes him seem both confident and approachable and a general air of insouciance that you find really attractive, there’s always a chance that he is simply leaning against a wall. To find out whether the dude you’re scoping out is a fine specimen of man or just someone who is maybe a little bit tired, take this quiz:


Where are you?

  1. The type of place young, attractive people tend to congregate: coffee shops, parks, shopping centers, etc.
  2. In a subway station, waiting for a train. But he doesn’t seem to care when or even if the train gets here. He’s reading a book and he’s lost in its world. He’s been reading so long, he’s resting against the wall.


What does he look like?

  1. Tall, toned, strong jaw, symmetrical features, bright eyes, clean teeth, big hands.
  2. Like he doesn’t give a hoot about anyone or anything, he’s as relaxed as they come, he can’t even be bothered to stand up straight while he checks his phone. That bad boy, still hungover from last night, shoulder pressing against the bricks like he’s James Dean or something. Would it be weird to take a picture of him for Instagram? It would be weird, never mind.


What’s his vibe?

  1. Normal? He seems like a cool, sociable person. And a little self-aware in the way that attractive people tend to be. That’s about it.
  2. There’s just something about him…in this rush-around world where everyone’s always running to the next, newest thing, he’s quietly planted himself just where he is. He’s so unassuming, so humble, but also strong like he doesn’t say much. But when he does it’s meaningful. Does that make sense? He’s artistic but could probably fix a car.


Finally, is he leaning against a wall?

  1. I didn’t notice, I was too busy looking at his face/forearms/hair/eyes/ankles/mouth/shoulders.
  2. Yes, he is leaning against a wall.




Mostly 1s: Well done! You’ve found yourself a prime cut of man. While he may also be leaning against a wall, this dude you’re looking at is legitimately attractive. Go flirt and congrats on your keen eye!

Mostly 2s: So, he’s definitely leaning against a wall, and the sexy aura you’re picking up on is from him leaning against the wall. He might be perfectly fine, appearance-wise, but you’ll never know until you can take a proper look at him, away from the wall. Just don’t let him sail a boat or you’ll never be able to tell!