QUIZ: Is He Hot or Just Wearing Circle Glasses?

With an issue as personal and subjective as what you find attractive in another person, it can be difficult to determine what’s at the root of someone’s appeal. It be may his smile, it may be body language, or he may just be a dude wearing those little circle glasses. Or is it? Take this quiz to find out:


First things first, are you attracted to him?

  • When I look at his face I want to make out with his face.
  • I think so but I can’t place exactly why. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that his little Atticus Finch glasses make him look like a tender, yet passionate lover? Unsure.


What are you drawn to?

  • The whole deal. He has a sexy energy. Just making eye contact gives me butterflies.
  • If I had to really break it down, I guess it’s mostly as well as exclusively those small, round glasses. Something about them just gives off a young Colin Firth vibe. Not that young Colin Firth wore them, but just that their energy is his energy.


You’re feeling frisky and bold. What’s your line?

  • Let’s do drinks tonight. I know a great place right by my apartment.
  • Those glasses look pretty good… but they’d look even better on my bedside table.


Would you want him if he were not wearing those circle glasses?

  • Definitely, I’m all in.
  • Whoooo boy. Yeah, for sure no.




Mostly A’s: To you, this man is very hot. If he’s down and you’re down…. sex could happen, and you just might like it. Enjoy!

Mostly B’s: Okay, hey. He’s just wearing circle glasses. He seems smarter, sweeter, and more interesting than he is simply due to these charming frames. So now you know the truth, but if you’re fine with it, we’re fine it. This attraction is shallow and precarious, and in that way, it is sort of like all physical attraction. Enjoy!