Plan a Date and We’ll Tell You When You’ll Meet Your Soulmate Unless You’re Dating Someone In Which Case Don’t Worry About It

Curious about when you’re going to meet your one true love? Find out by taking this quiz, unless you’re dating someone, in which case just don’t worry about it!


Pick a location for your date:

  1. A new trendy restaurant!
  2. An artsy bar.
  3. Your living room because you’ve already been dating for a while.


Pick a romantic activity:

  1. Sharing dessert and a bottle of wine
  2. Chatting over a drink and a live music show after
  3. Spending ~45 minutes deciding which show to watch because, obviously, you’re dating.


Did you bring a gift for your date?

  1. Yes! I brought flowers.
  2. No, but I bought them a drink.
  3. Yes, the hoodie I borrowed last week. I didn’t wash it.


How do you want the date to end?

  1. An evening walk and a goodbye kiss!
  2. I will invite them to my apartment and see where things go.
  3. I need to be in bed by 12 because I have work at 9 tomorrow so we’ll probably finish watching TV by 11:30. PLEASE don’t keep me up again, babe.





Mostly A’s

Looks like the stars are aligning for you! You are going to meet your soulmate in the next 3 months. Lucky you!


Mostly B’s

You’re still dating around, and having fun while doing it! You are going to meet your soulmate in the next 4 years. Enjoy the variety and fun of meeting new people until you meet your forever person.


Mostly C’s

You’re clearly in a relationship and enjoying the intense and passionate romance that comes with a long-term relationship. You definitely know you’re with your soulmate already, right? Why are you even taking this quiz? Maybe it’s best not to question things too much right now!