How to Sexily Lounge in His T-Shirt That Says ‘Friend of the Pod’


Whether you’re having casual sex with a stranger or hooking up with your significant other, there is nothing hotter than lounging around in their shirt after a steamy lovemaking sesh. It can be tricky, however, when you find yourself slipping into a piece of merch he ordered from his favorite politics podcast’s online store. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to looking sexy as you lounge around in his shirt that says, “Friend of the Pod.”


Be Open to New Things

Sure, when you pictured this moment you thought you’d be wearing a big white button-down that shows just enough tush to be sexy AND cute. Unfortunately, that’s not the situation you’ve been given. Dating is all about trying new things, and right now your new thing is trying to look sultry in a graphic tee meant to reveal your lover’s dedication to Pod Save America. Stay open-minded, but if you get overwhelmed don’t hesitate to tell him you need a moment to yourself. If he’s confused, just tell him you need to take a quick ad break to hear a word from your sponsors.



Enjoy the Fact that It’s Really Hot for Him

We know picturing ANYONE listening to ANY kind of podcast is likely to dry you right up. But take comfort in knowing he definitely chose that shirt for you on purpose. It doesn’t really matter how you look in it – his passion for you will build on his passion for listening to men talk about the Iowa Caucuses and soon enough he’ll be asking how to sign up for your Patreon, if you know what we mean.


Get Him to Take It Off Of You

No matter your efforts, you may never get comfortable enough in his podcast fan t-shirt to truly reach the level of sexy yet casual lounging that you desire. The solution: Get him riled up enough to free you from the confines of this online merch. Maybe take it a step further and offer to listen to his fave podcast – on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever he gets his podcasts.


At the end of the day, you’re hot, sexy, and look good in anything. Don’t fret it, babe, we know he won’t be able to #Resist.