Local girl “SO over” On-Again, Off-Again, Not-Really Relationship

Lea Hobson announced over brunch at Rustic that she is “SO over” her on-again off-again, not really relationship with local bartender, Drew Duncan, this past Sunday.


After two years of an on-again, off-again thing, if you can even call it that, Ms. Hobson was reportedly seen drunkenly crying in the back of a taxi while deleting Mr. Duncan’s number from her phone for the fourth time that week.


The two met at the bartender’s place of work, when Hobson was out with girlfriends attempting to get over some asshole she was kind of with but was never actually really dating. Duncan offered her a free shot of well liquor, which sparked two years of just hanging out and hooking up sometimes I guess.



Although this is the tenth time in five years that Hobson has proclaimed that she is in fact “SO over it,” she insists it’s “totally for real this time, I mean it.”


According to sources, Hobson plans to “really focus on herself” and “get back into yoga, or something like that.”  She plans to “pound some margs with the girls” this weekend in attempt to forget that the iPhone saves numbers even if you delete them.


Hobson will be reactivating her OkCupid membership, but secretly plans to deactivate it as soon as Mr. Duncan believes she is “SO over” him and asks her to hang out again.