Anti-Sexting App Sends Naked Pics to Your Dad

Recent studies show that sexting is on the rise, and many startups are building solutions to curb this trend. In an attempt to deter people from pressing ‘send’ on their next crotch shot, a California-based nonprofit has created the first anti-sexting app called ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, which intercepts inappropriate photos and sends them directly to your father.
Ava Pahlmann, 40, says the app has changed her life. “When I woke up from drug-fueled binge and remembered that I had sexted a random phone number the night before, I was relieved to see that a butt pic with the text, “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” was sent to my dad instead. It was his birthday, too. I can almost guarantee that I won’t do that ever again. No promises, though.”

“I feel like we are finally able to have some control over our daughter.” says Janet Thompson of Littlefield, Ohio. “Last week she tried to send a picture of her breasts to the entire varsity football team, but her dad, Victor, received it instead. I’m confident she has learned an important lesson.”
While women are praising the app as revolutionary, some dads are not as enthusiastic. One dad laments, “I was woken up last week at 4am to a picture of my daughter’s vagina. Her entire vagina. This just isn’t right. I don’t want to know if she’s doing these sorts of things.”
Creators are working on a new app just for dads, tentatively called Boner Kill, which puts disgusting warts, moles, and other filters onto the lewd photos they receive through Daddy’s Little Girl.