Woman Dusts off ‘Both Sides are Terrible’ Stance for Thanksgiving

Christine Hansolm, who has consumed three minutes of political coverage and less than 200 words on the government shutdown, readied herself for Thanksgiving by pulling out her turkey baster, wiping down her rolling pin, and mentally rehearsing her standard “both sides are terrible” political argument.
Historically, Hansolm has presented the argument every Thanksgiving, when political conversations “get too heated.” “I try to diffuse the tension,” says Hansolm, whose political statements have never done anything but intensify familial rage.

“If you really think about it, they’re all a bunch of liars,” she repeated in her head, responding to a challenging, insightful point about the nature of the legislation. “This butternut squash is delicious.”
Both liberal and conservative family members agree: “If she’s going to weigh in, she should at least have some idea of what’s going on.”