American Apparel to Celebrate Pooping with New ‘Pooping Power’ Tees

After American Apparel released their provocative “Period Power” t-shirt this month, CEO Dov Charney has confirmed the highly anticipated “Pooping Power” tee will be released next month. T-shirt designer Petra Collins said about the series: “Why stop at periods when we could go full diarrhea…or a diarrhea/throw-up combination? It’s about what’s real and raw for this generation.”


Charney is in support of this new direction for the brand. “Our demographic will absolutely be able to identify with this tee, as loose stool is common side effect of being hung over, or coming off of drugs.”


“Pooping Power” won’t just be one tee but an entire line of shirts, hoodies, and unitards that celebrate buttholes, the poop they expel, and the hands that wipe them.

Asked if the shirt was just a cheap publicity stunt for his brand, Charney responded, “The fact that you’re asking that is just a testimony to my success.”

poop shirt close up
poop shirt