American Apparel Stops Selling Bottoms Altogether

Fresh off their decision to display mannequins with full pubic hair, American Apparel is continuing to celebrate real women’s bodies by removing ladies’ bottoms from their shelves entirely. “Bottoms no longer fit the American Apparel brand,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We value natural beauty.”


The brand will go farther than simply removing leggings, pants and skirts; it will also remove any tops that reach below the belly button in order to showcase the raw, untamed natural beauty found below the waist.



According to a stylist, the company will be restocking the empty space with “bandeau bras, circle scarves, and headbands. Piles and piles of headbands.”


To keep up with the trend, loyal fans of the brand are pairing their new pubic hair with deep Vs, hoodies, and fashionable, cutoff bodysuits. “I just applied for a job there,” says NYU sophomore Leila Clarke. “I’ve always wanted a job where I don’t have to wear pants.”