Delightful Anecdote Put on the Backburner  

In a developing story out of Kennebunk, ME, Larissa Clark has made the conscious decision to refrain from sharing her delightful anecdote at a time like this.


“Do I want to tell people how we ended with our new puppy, Kip? Absolutely, I mean, it is such a good story,” said Larissa. “But I can read the room. Black people are fighting for their rights, there’s a global pandemic. And Kip’s not going anywhere.”


Larissa is responsibly saving the joyful story for a time when the world isn’t so on fire.


“A new puppy is such a wonderful thing, and the way he came into our lives is even more heartwarming,” said Larissa. “And I can’t wait to tell all my friends and loved ones. Now is just not the time.”


“In fact, Kip will probably be a whole dog by the time the coast is clear,” she added, likely correct.



Friends have their suspicions.


“I’ve been seeing much less of Larissa lately,” said Kellen Pollock. “And she’s looking much happier than normal. I think she’s hiding something.”


“Yeah, I wonder if she’s engaged or pregnant or something equally as joyous,” said Rachel Wu. “In which case, it’s probably better that she’s keeping it to herself.”


“No one needs that kind of positive energy right now,” Rachel added.


“The only thing I’m hiding is a truly magical and delightful story about my rescue puppy,” said Larissa. “Let’s all try to focus on stopping the horrible stuff first.”