Girl to Experiment with College in Homosexual Relationship

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After spending a year in a relationship with another woman, Emily Weinstein, 19, has decided she is interested in experimenting with going to college. After dating Jamie Hanson for over 12 months, she feels that now is the right time for her to branch out and try something new.


“I come from a small, conservative Midwestern town where going to college is frowned upon,” says Weinstein, “but I think I’d like to try it and see what all the fuss is about.”


As for where she would like to experiment with, Weinstein says she doesn’t feel comfortable diving into anything serious yet, but may audit a community college class or two, just to see how it feels.


As for Weinstein: “I’m simply being young, having fun, and keeping an open mind. This is what you’re supposed to do in a homosexual relationship: learn about yourself!”



Weinstein says for the first time in her life she caught herself eyeing several college pamphlets scattered on a coffee table while drunk at a party.  “After that night, I became curious. I locked myself in my bedroom, turned the sound down on my laptop, and went on several virtual campus tours. Videos are nice, but I think I’m ready for the real thing.”


If all goes well, Weinstein claims she might apply to a university, buy a few textbooks, or if she really likes it, bury herself in massive debt that takes years to erase – an unfortunate cliché among many college-goers. “I’m open to making a long-term commitment to some school.”


Says Weinstein: “In the end, who cares where you decide to go to school as long as you are happy?”