Girl Leaving For College Forgets Mom Forever

Reductress - Stay at Home Mom

After living away from home for three days, college freshman Caroline Hamilton has completely forgotten about the existence of her mother, Patty Hamilton.


“I love college!” exclaimed Hamilton outside her new four-room student apartment. “I want to be on my own, instead of back home with my little brother, dog, pet fish, and favorite coffee table.”


“This is my worst nightmare,” says mother, Patty. “I gave birth to Caroline. I nursed her. I was there for her first day of Kindergarten. And now all of my worst nightmares about college have come true.”


She began crying uncontrollably screaming “Why?” into a pillow with Caroline’s face stitched into it.


Caroline says she couldn’t be more excited about her future at college: “I’m looking forward to so many things, like cultivating new relationships with people using the personal skills taught to me from my Grandma Susie, Aunt Victoria, Cousin Jeffery, next-door neighbor Carter, and our mailman, Buxton.”



She has decorated her new dorm with pictures of her life back home. Pictures include one from her senior prom, her best friend, Marisa, and her dentist Colleen McGuire, who Caroline says, “Has always been like a mother to me.”


Getting accepted into college wasn’t an easy task for Hamilton, and she greatly appreciates the “loving support from my parent. I love my dad so much for always being there for me. I miss him so much.”