Get Your Shoes Back From Your Ex By Just Getting Back Together

You have the perfect outfit for Jen’s party this weekend but you are missing one thing—the same thing you’ve been missing for the last six months. It’s those black-heeled oxfords you left at your ex-boyfriend Matt’s place. Here’s a surefire way to get those shoes back by basically just getting back together with him:



Texting is the easiest entry point to get back together with him—a little text that communicates that you’re thinking of the shoes but actually says you’ve been thinking of him. You’ll grab his attention when he sees your name on the phone and you’ll definitely be able to take those shoes back to your closet—once you’ve been back at it with Matt for a few weeks.


Facebook Message

If you want to take a more casual approach, send a Facebook message. This is a less personal way to reach out that’ll probably make him wonder if you don’t care that much about him anymore. His ego will kick into gear and he’ll try to win you back, which you’ll totally fall for. The good news? You’ll be ready to slide those shoes back on. The bad? You’ll have to forge through another argument over which Airbnb you should book for a weekend away because you never really developed healthy communication skills with each other.



“Run Into Him” at Work

When you “run into him” at work and you bring up the shoes, he’ll think you’re serious about getting your stuff back but also he’ll also see how cute you look with your new haircut and crop top. It’s a surefire way to get face-to-face time with him about those shoes, and ultimately start having a conversation about how petty the break-up was and you’ve been reconsidering things lately. Shoes=returned!


Ask His Best Friend

If your breakup was ugly and you don’t want to go directly to the source, try and get a feel for what he’s been up to by asking his best friend. Ask his best friend if your shoes are at Matt’s place and also if they’re the only women’s shoes at the apartment (if he catches your drift) and if Matt is available to get them back to you by seeing you again since he’s still single. Then ask him to get back together. This will get your shoes back!


With these steps, you can send the right message to Matt that it’s been too long since you’ve been able to wear those oxfords and you want them back! Before you know it, you’ll be back together, only to break up and leave a different pair of shoes at his place in three months.