Amazing! This Woman Who Promised Not to Tell Anyone Only Told Two People

After promising not to tell a secret by a close friend, Jenny Kazas only managed to tell only two other people by the end of the day and honestly – we’re amazed!


“I love being the person in-the-know, so the fact that I only told Evie and Reis that Molly is engaged is pretty incredible,” says Kazas. “Shit, I just told you. Well, three is still very low for me and I think shows that I’m taking her request seriously!”


Wow! Kazas is truly a model for self-restraint!


“She told my wife I was laid off before I even had the chance to tell her,” says Elliot Kazas, Jenny’s brother. “I’ll never tell my sister anything again.”


After that incident, Kazas is confident that the old ‘Jenny’ who told told secrets to everyone she knew is long gone.


“I vow to never share anyone’s secrets,” says Kazas. “Except to a small handful of people, because I’m only human, okay?”


No one can stop you, you force of nature!


Last year, Kazas’ boss told her in confidence that she was getting a divorce. One hour later, the whole office knew her husband had cheated on her with his high school sweetheart, leaving her penniless. After recalling her secret-keeping failures past, Kazas feels proud of herself for turning over this new leaf.



“I finally understand the responsibility of someone sharing a deep secret with me, which is why I told only two friends this time, and also you,” says Kazas. “And also the cashier at Starbucks this morning.”


We are inspired by this incredible sign of maturity!