Wow! This Woman Discovered Her Stretch Marks Were Really A Map To Chipotle

For many women, stretch marks are an unfortunate consequence of growing up and filling out. But they don’t have to be a negative — in fact, the body positive movement is encouraging women everywhere to embrace their “stretchies” and learn to love them! 29-year old Devon Herchowitz came to love her stretch marks when she discovered that they were really a map to a local Chipotle restaurant just two neighborhoods away.


Herchowitz, like many women, struggled with body image issues for years – especially the noticeable stretch marks on her breasts and thighs.


“I was always doing things to try and make them go away,” says Herchowitz. “Fancy lotions, scrubs, exercise. But nothing made embrace or love my stretch marks until I realized they could lead me to a Chipotle taco bowl. And that’s when I realized, women’s bodies are all beautiful!”


Herchowwitz made the remarkable discovery one day while examining the directions to her local Chipotle on Google maps.


“I was like, hmm, this looks so familiar,” she says. “Then I realized, oh my god, that’s because this map is identical to the stretch marks on the side of my ass. So I put my phone away and let my ass lead me to a chorizo burrito bowl with extra guac.”


Friends have already noticed a change in Herchowitz’s confidence and demeanor.


“She seems so much more comfortable in her skin,” says one friend. “She used to always wear oversized clothes, like she was hiding inside of them. Now she’s always showing off her ass stretch marks like ‘check it out this is how you get to the Chipotle on 7th Ave. in Park Slope.’”



Herchowitz is using her newfound body acceptance to spread the word about self-love.


“I want women to know that self-love is possible,” she says. “I never thought I, of all people, would actually learn to love my stretch marks, but as I say to all my girlfriends: If you can lean to love your body, it just might lead to amazing places. Like Chipotle, for example.”


Keep up the good work, Devon! And call us when your stretchies lead to TACO BELL!