Wow! This Bitch Donated Loose Leaf Tea to a Food Pantry

There’s no better gift then the gift of giving! That’s why, every year throughout the holiday season, people flock to homeless shelters and coat drives to give what they can. For many organizations and charities, no donation is too small or too inconsequential. Except in the case of this bitch, Meghan Delawder, who donated loose leaf tea to a food pantry. I’m sorry bitch, what??


Most food pantries ask for money, as even a dollar can go much further in the hands of a food pantry employee skilled at making bulk purchases that really count. But this bitch just gave loose leaf tea as if that’s going to help some family that can’t afford milk? Bitch, no.


Delawder didn’t even bother to donate a tea strainer, or some refillable teabags along with the loose leaf tea. If you can believe it, this idiot bitch just found some old loose ass tea in the back of her cabinet and brought it over to the food pantry. She even emptied the tea from its original decorative tin and put it in a paper bag so she could keep the tin. Are you kidding, bitch????


People at food pantries obviously deserve delicious tea, but they don’t want your old ass tea bitch! Nobody wants that — not even you!


Even worse, this friggin bitch Instagrammed her trip to the food pantry and tweeted out a picture of the loose tea with the words “feeling inspired to #give! Happy to do my part!” Slow your roll, bitch!


Volunteers at the food pantry were shocked as Delawder placed the crumpled bag of ancient loose leaf tea on the counter and smiled smugly.



“Every donation counts,” says one regular volunteer. “But actually this doesn’t count at all. This bitch is out of her mind.”


Despite the fact that everyone at the pantry, plus tons of people on social media, told Delawder that basically she’s a bitch, she’s not letting that get in the way of her charitable spirit.


“I’m just glad that I could play a small role in helping someone get the nutrients they need to survive,” she says. “Also like sometimes actually, I’ll skip a meal and just have tea and I’m not even that hungry after.”


Wow. Okay bitch.