‘It’s Called a RompHIM,’ Says Guy Who Still Won’t Use Your Correct Pronouns

28-year-old Landon Mack insisted for the fourth time today that the romper he wore for casual Friday “is called a RompHIM,” continuing to assert the maleness of his outfit throughout the day, while also continuing to refuse to use your correct pronouns.


“My male identity is a really integral part of who I am and how I operate in the world,” says Mack, who categorically refuses to use the singular pronoun ‘they.’ “And I think it’s only fair that people use the correct terms when describing my fashion aesthetic to show that they’re respecting that core part of my gender identity – which is male.”


As Mack continued with his speech, many people in the break room looked over to see how you would react, given that Mack still uses “she/her” pronouns when talking to or about you, despite your repeated requests that he switch to gender neutral pronouns.



As the day went on, it became clear that having to constantly correct people about his male romper was taking a toll on Mack.


Mack appeared taken aback when coworker Priya Rao said, “Wow, Landon, cool romper!” He angrily responded, “It’s a rompHIM. I mean seriously, what’s so hard about calling it by the right name?”


Multiple coworkers noted that Mack’s response to people calling his outfit a romper was similar to yours when he continued to misgender you in meetings, emails, and even out-of-office social gatherings. “No, no, no, that’s completely different,” Mack said. “‘They’ is not a singular pronoun. It’s just not!”


At drinks after work, Mack could be heard lamenting to some friends, “Maybe I just won’t wear my rompHIM anymore. I think the world is just too cruel to allow anyone to be their true selves.”