Yasss! Black Women are KWEENS, Unless They’re Talking About Something I Can’t Relate To

As an intersectional feminist and a freelance blogger, I know it’s important to advocate for all of us, especially women of color. That’s why black women are KWEENS! Unless they’re talking about something that I can’t personally relate to – in which case, I really have no idea!


Black women have always held a key role in the fight for women’s rights: They’ve fought for the right to vote, the right to work, and our reproductive rights, right alongside white women. So it’s crucial to recognize the KWEENS that they are! But it’s also crucial that the black women around me make sure that they only discuss struggles that I myself can understand and relate to so I don’t feel exlcuded. Ahhh sorry!!!!


It’s not that I don’t care about the inadequate healthcare for black women, or the unfair assumptions made about their temperament or intelligence, it’s just that I feel left out of those conversations because I don’t experience any of that and don’t really have anything to add? If I can’t talk, how am I supposed to call them KWEENZZZ??



There is so much I want to celebrate about my GIRLS!! As long as we don’t talk about anything that I can’t identify with tho!!! For example, the wage gap between women and men? HELL YES QUAINS!! Or how about the additional wage gap between white women and black women? Now that’s where I gotta bow out! The black KWEENS I know and love understand that inclusion is important, especially when it comes to me!!


What I mean to say with all this is: Black women undeniably KWEENS, but are at their absolute KWEENiest when I know what they’re talking about and can actually relate to it!! YASSSS KWEENS!