White Women Thank Themselves for Thanking Black Women Today

In the hours following the victory of democrat Doug Jones in the recent Alabama special election, liberal white women across the nation have come out in droves thanking black women for swinging the vote and subsequently thanking themselves for thanking black women.


“It’s really important that we white women take time to thank black women for overwhelmingly doing the right thing in this election,” said Cindy Mulaney of Oklahoma. “And once we do, we should thank ourselves for overwhelmingly doing the right thing by thanking those black women. We deserve it.”


Exit polls show that 98% of black women voted against Republican candidate Roy Moore, compared to the 63% of white women who voted in favor of Mr. Moore. And liberal white women are taking note – and taking note that they are taking note.



“Black women really deserve most of the credit for voting so influentially,” commented Angela Pierce of Danvers, MA. “And white women deserve the rest of the credit for making sure to publicly thank black women for doing so.”


Black women, however, appear to be unimpressed with this self-serving show of support.


“We didn’t vote for Doug Jones to protect the country,” said Nikita Thomas of Alabama. “We voted for him to protect ourselves. It just turns out that when black women have the chance to do things, it benefits everyone.”


“Maybe those white women should start putting their energy into finding out why so many of their own people voted for a pedophile,” she added.


The virtue signaling displays of self-appreciation for appreciating black women, though, don’t show any signs of slowing down.


“I just want black women to know that I’m really thankful for them today,” said Paige LaCour of Oregon. “And I want white women to know that I’m really thankful for us for thanking black women today. I am a really good person!”