Weird! The New iOS Update Texted ‘I misS YOUU!’ To Tyler at 2:17am

After downloading Apple’s newest iOS update, 29-year-old Tana Truder noticed the upgrade had a super weird bug that texted ‘I misS YOUU!’ to her ex-boyfriend Tyler at 2:17 am.


Although iOS users have seen no other examples of this bug, Tana is convinced it is definitely Apple’s fault and definitely not hers.


“I was at my best friend’s wedding and dancing the night away so I literally could not have done this,” says Tana. “I think Apple should take responsibility for sending this text to my ex as it was very awkward when I saw what my phone had done.”


Despite the unlikelihood of this bug, sources confirm that at 2am, Tana was blackout drunk, yelling that her and Tyler should have been the ones getting married.


“She left the dance floor and ten minutes later I found her crying on the bathroom floor,” says Penny Restieri, Tana’s friend. “It sucks that on top of that her phone had this shitty glitch.”


“There are also all these facetime calls to him, which I obviously didn’t make because I’m totally over him,” says Truder. “I also found an email sent at 2:45am that says, “I love u dude so fuUUCKING figure IT OUT!’ How can an iPhone just do that? Like did Siri mishear my voice or something?”


We reached out to an Apple representative, who seemed as yet unaware of the issue and responded with the following statement:



“It is impossible for your iPhone to have sent these texts without you typing them up and pressing the send button.”




At the conclusion of this interview, Truder’s phone buzzed, leading her to open a text from Tyler that read, “Miss you too.”


She looked up, then said, “Oh my god. This is gonna be so awkward for him, because my iPhone sent this. Not me.”