5 Little Things to Do for Your Boyfriend to Show Him You’re Pregnant


If there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that the best way to make a guy feel appreciated in a relationship is by surprising him with little gestures now and then. And when you need to share the news of your unplanned pregnancy, there are lots of tiny ways you can show him. Here are some little ways you can show him you’re pregnant and yes, he is the father:


Spoil Him with Gifts

Make your guy feel special by leaving him sweet and anonymous gifts that will make him wonder “Who sent that gift?” and “Wait, why are these gifts baby-themed?” Make him a care package full of baby accessories and leave it at his doorstep just before sunrise. Do this every day for the first month of your pregnancy and see if he doesn’t guess what you’re about!


Get Crafty!

Show your sweetheart your crafty side by covering the walls of your his apartment with pictures of babies cut out of magazines. This is a subtle way to let him know that you have a baby inside you without telling him, “I have a baby inside of me.” Their angelic faces staring down at him while he sleeps will make him excited to share this next important step in his life with you. So sweet!


Tell Him in Verse

As a famous poet probably once said, “Poetry is the gateway to telling your boyfriend you’re pregnant.” He’ll be moved that you took the time to meticulously compose a poem for him instead of just telling him with normal words like a boring girlfriend would. Also, he might not totally get it, so you might have to write it down. It’s the little things!



Maze it Up!

With all the hustle and bustle of modern life, we all too often forget to take time to show our appreciation for those we love. Show your man you care by designing an elaborate maze made out of pregnancy books in your living room for him to solve! If he finds his way out, he’ll be super grateful to have such an amazing and thoughtful girlfriend who has a lot of trouble talking about serious issues. Aww!


Just Mouth “I’m Pregnant”

Some guys need a little more help than others when it comes to decoding subtle hints from their girlfriends who are trying to tell them they’re pregnant. For a simple and direct approach, drop your man obvious hints that you’re pregnant like eating, sleeping, and going about your daily routines, while occasionally mouthing “I’m pregnant” when he’s not around. Something will be different about you—a glow or a a feeling, and he’ll definitely get it.


At the end of the day, your guy just wants to know you care. He also wants to know whether or not you’re pregnant. But if none of these methods worked for you, don’t lose hope! You can now look forward to surprising your sweetheart with something bigger and better… nine months down the road!