How To Get The Cool Dog At The Party To Notice You

So you went to another party with your best friend and she’s stepped away for a moment. And that’s when you see him. He’s just casually hanging out in the corner near the couch. He’s the “cool” German Shepherd that everybody wants to pet, but for some reason, he’s all by himself. Can you believe he’s also here? Talk about destiny! Here’s how to get this dog’s attention without looking desperate!


Play it cool.

Don’t make direct eye contact—you don’t want to come on too strong. Also, you don’t know this animal and he could see it as a challenge and get violent which would be super embarrassing. Play it cool while casually glancing in his direction to show that you don’t really care if he comes over or not. He’ll be too intrigued to pass you by.


Rub bacon on your pants.

You’ll be completely irresistible once you’ve got the scent of bacon all over you. Tuck some in your bag since you won’t want to draw attention of other neighborhood dogs on the way there. Instead, wait until everyone is a little drunk and pull that bacon out of your bag. BOOM—the cool dog at the party will be trotting right over to you.



Don’t be afraid to cry.

If being cool and aloof doesn’t work, go 100% by straight-up crying. Dogs are nature’s comforting creatures and this German Shep will instinctually want to make you feel better. And as long as there’s one other drunk girl hanging around and crying, it won’t look that strange for you to burst into tears. It’ll look even cooler when you’ve got your hands on that awesome dog!!


Fall down a well.

This will be pretty tricky since wells are not often found at parties. But if you’ve ever seen Lassie, you know that this will get the dog racing toward you in no time! If you can’t find a well, try falling directly through the coffee table, or maybe get your hand stuck in the sink drain? Cool dogs love being heroes, so why not give him the opportunity to be yours?


There’s a reason dogs are man’s best friend. Once you’ve tried one of these methods, that cool dog won’t be able to resist you. Now quick – hurry and take him home with you before anyone else notices!!