CDC Recommends ‘Five-Date Rule’

Last week, the Center for Disease Control published an infographic urging young women to avoid alcohol if they are not using birth control. This week, the organization went even further and officially recommended that all women go on at least five dates with someone before having sex with them.



The Center has stated that, like abstaining from alcohol, adhering to the Five Date Rule can reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy while also making you seem “ladylike” and “hard-to-get.” They even published a second infographic to help women understand the benefits of the five-date rule, which include “no walk of shame” and “men who love the thrill of the chase.”


“We just want what’s best for our country’s women,” says a CDC spokesperson. “And everyone knows that if you sleep with a guy on a first date, you’ll be so excited you’ll forget to wear a condom. Also, the guy will totally lose interest.”



Some have questioned why the CDC chose to direct this advice at women, seeing as sexually promiscuous behavior poses the same risks for men. The CDC has not given an official statement on this yet, but when we tweeted about it, we received several responses saying that men don’t get pregnant.


We think it’s safe to say that the CDC has our best interests at heart with this new recommendation. So, ladies, remember to leave a little something to the imagination this winter!