7 Date Ideas that Will Make Your Boyfriend Say, ‘Sure If You Want To’

You love planning dates for you and your special man, and he loves passively agreeing to go on them! Here are some date ideas that are sure to get him to unenthusiastically say “Yeah, sure. I could do that.”


Feed the Ducks at a Local Pond

Looking for a way to add a little fun and whimsy into your outings with your apathetic sweetheart? Grab a loaf of bread and some sunglasses and feed some cute little ducklings! Your boyfriend’s bound to say, “If that’s what you feel like doing today,” when you throw out this creative new idea.


Share a Slushee at the Movies

Everyone loves to catch a new movie—and sharing a fun drink, how sweet! This will be so much fun, and when you propose it to your main squeeze, he’s sure to mutter “okay” while he stares at his phone and doesn’t look up to make eye contact with you. Eee!


Go Bowling

Competition adds a little spice to any date! Suggest you and the mister go bowling and watch him say, “Fine,” with a blank expression on his face. Want to really get him “okay-ing”? Place bets on what your scores will be! He will go through the motions of the activity and not do anything overtly bad. What a nice day!


A Romantic Italian Dinner Followed by a Walk in the Park

There’s nothing as romantic as some spaghetti and a stroll under a starlit sky! This idea is cute, and simple enough to elicit almost no response from your boyfriend. He is not actively participating in this relationship, but at least he’s not ending it!



Day Trip to an Amusement Park

Hang out in the sunshine and enjoy some thrill rides! You’ll love all of the potential Instagram pics you can get, and this should get a docile agreement from your partner. Hey—he showed up, didn’t he?


Hot Air Balloon Ride

Nothing says romance like beautiful hot air balloon ride that you (and only you) planned every part of. Invite your sweetheart on this fancy date, and he’ll absolutely care mildly about it, and only because you want him to.


Go Camping

Snuggle up in a sleeping back with your sweetie and enjoy the beauty of nature for an extended period of time! This is a perfect way for you to go off the grid and share new life experiences together, which your boyfriend will halfheartedly agree to!


There are so many different dates you and your boyfriend can go on that he will just barely want to attend. Suggest these to your man and see his bland reaction! Have fun you two!