5 Signs Each And Every One of You Is An Empath

An empath is a highly sensitive person who feels other people’s pain as their own, a rare and special breed of person of which all of you definitely are. In case you had any doubt that you could join the exclusive echelons of the highly empathetic, here are five reasons why each and everyone of you is an empath.


Has anyone ever told you about their problems?

If the people you know are always talking to you about their lives, that’s because they sense that you are an empath, a person who understands. You’ve probably been told you’re a good listener, or asked to give advice to a struggling friend. Sound familiar, anyone who’s clicked this link?


Do you have the unique ability to figure out how someone’s feeling, just from asking them how they’re feeling?

Most people go through the world totally blind to the emotions of those around them. You, on the other hand, can immediately tell someone’s feeling like shit, and all they have to say is “I feel like shit” for you to pick up on their signals. This means you’re an empath. You all are.



Have you ever picked up the physical symptoms of those around you, like a cold or mononucleosis?

Most empaths (all of you) are attuned to both the physical and emotional realities of those around you. If you’ve ever gotten a sniffle a few days after someone else you know had a cold, holy shit you are an empath.


Has a movie or book ever made you feel something?

Imagine watching a movie passively, not experiencing any anger, rage, or joy at the plight of the characters. That’s the reality for most people in this cold world, except for all of you reading this. Since sad scenes in movies make you feel sad, you’re an empath. Would you ever considered becoming a therapist?


You get tired sometimes?

Have you ever felt sleepy and drained after a long day? That’s because you’re an empath, and being around people all the time takes an emotional and physical toll on all of you. The struggle is real (for all of you, because you are all empaths)!


One of the hardest things about being an empath is having to be attuned to the unempathetic and immature feelings and thoughts of literally everyone else not reading this piece right now. Hopefully, each and every one of you can find solace in the fact that as an empath, you are more special and unique than anyone else.