Twitter Scholar Helpfully Points Out Logical Fallacy In Meghan’s Joke

A victory was scored today for all women who live in fear of making factual errors when writing jokes online: a young Twitter scholar has come forth to correct a logical fallacy in a tweet composed by Meghan’s Reeves of Passaic, New Jersey.


The tweet, a humorous but farfetched satire that compared the United States Senate to a fishbowl of bettas clamoring for their fish food, could not stand up to Eddie’s discerning eye.


“I think you mean rainbowfish,” read Eddie’s reply. “Betta’s are solitary fish, can’t live in bowl together.”


Bravo, Eddie!


After being alerted to her mistake, Meghan quickly took the tweet down and posted an apology.



“I can’t believe I made such an obvious mistake!” Meghan told us afterward. “I’m such a bonehead. I was so busy focusing on the humor, I totally neglected the real-world practicalities of my fictitious scenario!”


A quick review of Eddie’s feed shows that this isn’t the only time he’s sprung forth to fact-check a woman’s joke on Twitter. From political tweets to observational humor, no logical fallacy goes unchecked by this young Twitter scholar.


“I just can’t help myself,” says Eddie. “I want to make the world a better place.”


When asked if he could foresee a situation arising where even he felt too uninformed to provide immediate joke feedback, Eddie demurred. “I do the research. Some people don’t.”