Why Women NEED Safe and Reliable Access to LaCroix

It seems obvious to many of us that modern women deserve and need reliable access to the finest seltzer around – LaCroix sparkling water. And yet, we still live in a society where for some, this just isn’t possible.


In theory we know it to be true – access to LaCroix is essential for women to have agency over their own lives and the ability to seek their own form of happiness. Yet in practice, LaCroix just isn’t readily available to all women. Walk into your closest grocery store, or any store that is known to stock refreshing beverages. Do the shelves contain an array of delicious LaCroix flavors? You would be shocked to find out how often they don’t.


If you are among the women who live in a part of the country where LaCroix is found in abundance, you might not realize just how bad women in other areas have it.


In some areas, women sometimes have to travel across state lines to obtain LaCroix.


Let me repeat that for you. They have to travel ACROSS state lines. Just to sip a refreshing, naturally flavored seltzer.


In some of these areas, stores and beverage outlets like to masquerade as places where women could legally obtain LaCroix. And yet once they’re inside, they are presented with guilt-inducing literature like “sale on Polar seltzer” and “make your own seltzer for a fraction of the cost.” These tactics are meant to prevent women from drinking LaCroix and leading the full lives they deserve.



Let that sink in. Women are made to feel bad for being at a place in their lives where they need LaCroix, simply because beverage providers don’t think LaCroix is what’s best for them. Can you imagine this happening with any other beverage? With Coca-Cola, for example? No. Men walk around drinking Coke every day in every county in this country without remorse.


There are women in this country who have to get on a bus or an airplane to get LaCroix. They have to front $120 for an airplane ticket just to fork over the $11.49 it will cost them for a case of LaCroix.


LaCroix shouldn’t be just for the privileged. It should be for all of us. Women in all fifty states should be able to stand up and say, “I want pamplemousse LaCroix” without fear.


Now that you know, say it with me: “Women need safe and reliable access to LaCroix.” Feels good, doesn’t it?