Aw! This Woman’s Pores Are So Tiny and Cute They Just Got Their Own CW Show

Brace yourself for some new icons, ladies: 23-year-old San Diego resident Lola Neil’s pores are so tiny and cute, they just got their own CW show!


Yes, adorable-pored queen!


To the shock of many, the CW teen drama starring Lola’s amazing pores is actually her small skin openings’ first foray into acting.


“I was just running on the beach one day,” said Lola, “when a producer from the CW walked right up to me and said ‘Your pores are as tiny and cute as Naomi from 90210. Have they ever thought about pursuing an acting career?’ It was so random, but I was like ‘I guess?!’ The rest is history!”


Yes, girl! We love a lady who goes with the flow and whose pores look like a hot, little 26-year-old playing a high schooler on TV.


Teddy Mann, the producer who scouted Lola’s pores, feels confident that he made the right choice offering the teensy pores a television deal on the spot.


“I know talent when I see it,” said Teddy. “I’m not sure what the show will be about, but it’ll be on the air by this fall. Maybe bi vampires, a period piece, maybe we’ll just film the Gossip Girl scripts again. Whatever we do, these tiny pores are for-sure the country’s next IT girls.”


Despite Teddy’s vision and Lola’s tight little skin holes, some haters are already critical of the CW’s new venture.



“I try to stay optimistic about media representation,” said internet-troll Shauna Payne. “Today we have more voices and experiences represented in the television we consume than ever, but these new small pore role models demonstrate that we still have a ways to go.”


Never one to let negativity get her down, Lola is refusing to stoop to the level of her critics.


“The journey ahead isn’t always going to be easy,” said Lola. “But I’m just going to keep doing what I do best,” continued Lola. “Having adorable, tiny little pores that everyone loves me for. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Maybe movies!”


We hope so. Keep inspiring us, Lola!